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Wedgetek Felling Wedges

If safety is your first priority - then Wedgetek is the name you can trust.

A felling wedge is designed to help to direct the direction in which your tree will fall. Simply drive the wedge into a back cut as soon as there is space behind the saw and finish cutting. The wedge will create a mechanical lifting force that pushes the center of gravity of the tree away from you.

Wedgetek wedges are designed to enhance safety and improve productivity within the forestry industry. 

Made locally here in New Zealand and developed using an innovative modified rubberised polymer engineering resin,  Wedgetek wedges are designed to endure much higher impact forces than other wedges on the market, resulting in a high-strength, impact resistant, near indestructible wedge that lasts substantially longer, improves safety and reduces costs. This material has excellent impact strength and does not accumulate internal stress after repeated impact. Therefore, there is minimal wedge failure through cracking and / or exploding into pieces potentially causing eye or facial injuries. The plastic construction is also soft enough that it will not damage your logging chain if it accidentally comes in contact with the wedge.

Wedgetek wedges are available in four sizes: 
6 inch: 150mm length x 72mm wide x 25mm lift
8 inch:  200mm length x 80mm wide x 25mm lift
10 inch:  250mm length x 90mm wide x 30mm lift
12 inch:  300mm length x 100mm wide x 33mm lift

felling forestry wedge

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